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Pinterest Board with a Cookie Theme


Cookies are a must-have holiday treat. There are so many different kinds of cookies to bake, ways to decorate them, and tools to make the job easier! Take a look at the Cookie Pinterest Board I’ve put together and make sure to re-pin your favourites! Cookies is published on 2013-12-03T09:04:52-05:00 and ...

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Image of used parchment paper

Can You Reuse Parchment Paper?

First, what is parchment paper?  It’s high density paper with a non-stick coating. It can be used to line cookie sheets, cake pans, and muffin tins to keep your baked goods from sticking and make clean-up a breeze. Did you know you can reuse parchment paper?!? I learned this trick from my ...

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Celery Root with foods it goes well with

This Week on Produce Made Simple: Celery Root

Celery root, also known as celeriac, is a brown root vegetable that is knobby in shape and has an ivory white interior.  Its flavour falls between parsley and celery and ranges in size from an apple to a cantaloupe. It also contains small amounts of vitamin B, calcium, and iron. ...

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Celery Root Gratin slice missing

Celery Root and Onion Gratin

This celery root and onion gratin recipe delivers on flavour.  It’s a decedent side dish that smells delicious and comforting as it bakes.  Aside from slicing the celery root, this recipe requires little effort – just mix all the ingredients together, tip into a buttered baking dish, top with Gruyere cheese, ...

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Cooking Tips

Balance the acidity in tomato sauce

Balance the Acidity in Your Tomato Sauce

To improve a slightly acidic tasting tomato sauce, add a pinch of sugar. It’s amazing how a pinch of sugar will balance out the acidity in the sauce and boost the flavour. Balance the Acidity in Your Tomato Sauce is published on 2013-04-14T21:23:35-04:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:24:44-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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Flatten Garlic Cloves Before Mincing Them

It’s a lot easier to mince a clove of garlic when the clove is first flattened with the side of a knife. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3cBZJvzdyU Flatten Garlic Cloves Before Mincing Them is published on 2012-10-17T21:38:41-04:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:41:27-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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Instant Meat Cutting Board

Instant Meat Cutting Board

If you don’t have a large enough meat cutting board, place a smaller cutting board on top of a baking sheet. The baking sheet will catch all the yummy juices. Instant Meat Cutting Board is published on 2012-11-18T20:48:49-05:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:38:39-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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how to season properly

How To Season Properly – Height Matters!

Have you ever eaten something that looked beautiful on the plate, but had uneven flavour? A possible cause was the technique used to season the food, so today’s tip is How To Season Properly! Take a pinch of salt in between your fingers and sprinkle it from 2 inches high. ...

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Ask Kary

Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

Have you Ever Tried to Spatchcock a Chicken?

“Spatchcock” means to remove the backbone of a whole chicken (or any type of poultry) and then flatten it out, giving it an even thickness. It will cook quicker, giving you a moister chicken with crispier skin – what’s not to love? To Spatchcock a Chicken: Place the whole chicken ...

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Thawing Frozen Steak, Fast

Thaw Frozen Steak, Fast!

You just got home from a long day of work and you haven’t eaten in hours. You have nothing ready to go in the fridge that will satisfy your hunger pangs. But wait! You have a big, thick Highlander Strip Loin steak from your favourite butcher… but it’s frozen rock ...

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How to read a recipe

How to Read a Recipe

With all the recipes I’ve posted lately, I thought it would be a good idea to do a refresher course on How to Read a Recipe. Reading a recipe might seem like common sense, but you never know, you might just learn something new! What is a recipe? A recipe ...

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scooper dooper

Scooper-Dooper – It Can Scoop, Chop and Scrape

A question I get asked all the time is, “What is that thing you use to transfer ingredients on the show?” and “Where can I find one?“ It’s official name on Best Recipes Ever is “my scooper-cooper,” but technically it’s called a dough scraper, dough cutter, dough knife, pastry cutter, pastry ...

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