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Pinterest Board with a Cookie Theme


Cookies are a must-have holiday treat. There are so many different kinds of cookies to bake, ways to decorate them, and tools to make the job easier! Take a look at the Cookie Pinterest Board I’ve put together and make sure to re-pin your favourites! Cookies is published on 2013-12-03T09:04:52-05:00 and ...

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Image of used parchment paper

Can You Reuse Parchment Paper?

First, what is parchment paper?  It’s high density paper with a non-stick coating. It can be used to line cookie sheets, cake pans, and muffin tins to keep your baked goods from sticking and make clean-up a breeze. Did you know you can reuse parchment paper?!? I learned this trick from my ...

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Celery Root with foods it goes well with

This Week on Produce Made Simple: Celery Root

Celery root, also known as celeriac, is a brown root vegetable that is knobby in shape and has an ivory white interior.  Its flavour falls between parsley and celery and ranges in size from an apple to a cantaloupe. It also contains small amounts of vitamin B, calcium, and iron. ...

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Celery Root Gratin slice missing

Celery Root and Onion Gratin

This celery root and onion gratin recipe delivers on flavour.  It’s a decedent side dish that smells delicious and comforting as it bakes.  Aside from slicing the celery root, this recipe requires little effort – just mix all the ingredients together, tip into a buttered baking dish, top with Gruyere cheese, ...

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Cooking Tips

how do you cook in a stainless steel frying pan without food sticking

How do You Cook in a Stainless Steel Frying Pan Without Food Sticking?

It might be tempting to heat the pan on high and then turn the heat down before the food goes in. Doing this will heat the pan quickly, BUT the heat will be uneven. This contributes to food sticking and burning to the bottom of the pan. So, what do ...

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Live Mussels in a glass bowl covered with a damp paper towel

How To Choose, Store, and Cook Live Mussels

Do you love ordering a bowl of steaming-hot mussels at a restaurant?  Do you know mussels are super simple to make at home? Don’t let mussels intimidate you — all they need is a quick scrub and steam. The best part is they tell you when they are done cooking!  ...

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To boil water faster, cover the pot

Kitchen Wisdom

Kitchen Wisdom is published on 2014-06-19T15:28:39-04:00 and last modified: 2014-06-19T15:28:39-04:00 by Kary Osmond

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Storing Nuts

Nuts stay fresher longer when stored in the freezer. Storing Nuts is published on 2012-10-21T21:37:10-04:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:40:33-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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Ask Kary

can you soften brown sugar?

How Do You Soften Brown Sugar?

It’s easy, all you need is bread and patience. Just stick a piece of bread in the bag of hard sugar and close it tightly.  The brown sugar will absorb the moisture from the bread leaving it soft after 24 hours.  You can also use a terracotta coin, but you ...

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Where do you Stick the Thermometer in a Turkey?

Around this time of year, this is one of the most common questions I’m asked!  For the most accurate reading, put the thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh (not the drumstick). How Do I Find the Thigh? The thigh is under the drumstick. To insert the thermometer, you ...

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How to Grill Chicken Wings

How to Grill Chicken Wings

Grilling chicken wings is easy, you just need to be mindful of how much heat you’re using.  Chicken wings cooked over high heat will melt the fat too quickly, causing annoying (and dangerous!) flare-ups and burnt chicken wings — no thanks!   For Grilled Chicken Wings That Have Crispy Skin ...

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What's the difference between wax paper and parchment paper?

What’s the Difference Between Wax Paper and Parchment Paper?

I learned the hard way that wax paper and parchment paper are not the same thing. One summer afternoon, I was making 2 big pizzas for lunch. I couldn’t find any parchment paper, so I decided to experiment with wax paper.  I knew that you could use wax paper to keep a ...

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