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Cooking with Steven and Chris

I love cooking with Steven and Chris, it’s less about the recipe and more about laughing. My first time back on their show in two years was a blast — and if you think this segment is funny, wait until you see the Christmas special that airs December 16.  I think I ...

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French Toast Recipe

French Toast

French Toast is a great way to use up day old bread and a great way to feed a bunch of hungry mouths when you’re low on eggs. Cinnamon is a must in this simple French Toast recipe!  Most recipes will use sugar in the egg mixture to add a little ...

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Chickpea Curry Soup

Chickpea Curry Soup

This week has been cold in Toronto, it’s the kind of bitter cold we don’t usually experience until well into January. Brrrrrr! It’s the kind of weather that makes you crave a bowl of hot soup, especially if you live in Buffalo (holy cannoli that’s a lot of snow they’re ...

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Green tea that isn't bitter

How To Make Green Tea That Isn’t Bitter

I love a cup of green tea when I’m out for Chinese food or Sushi.The perfect cup of green tea is always soothing, like a big, warm hug. However, when I’ve brewed green tea at home or ordered it at a cafĂ©, the tea always tasted bitter – Yuck! Totally ...

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Cooking Tips

Shredding Cabbage instead of Slicing it

Having Trouble Slicing Cabbage Thin for Coleslaw?

If you don’t have a sharp knife or a food processor, thinly slicing a head of cabbage  for coleslaw can be tricky.Try cutting the head of cabbage into quarters and shred on the large-hole side of a box grater. The consistency of the cabbage will be that of KFC’s famous green ...

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Food processor with radishes in the chamber

Save Time With Your Food Processor!

This is the time of year to put your food processor to work as an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Why spend minutes on chopping and grating when you can take only seconds?!? Especially if you’re cooking a feast! Dust Off Your Food Processor! The “S” Blade: The “s” blade ...

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How to grill fish using foil

How To Grill Delicate Fish

Last year, I visited Australia and noticed something different about the type of BBQ they use. They grilled on a griddle, rather than on a grill. But why? “Because fish stick to the grill and we cook a lot of fish,” said our tour guide. To which I said, “That’s ...

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Frying Too Quickly?

Helpful Hint: If the ingredients in your frying pan start to cook too quickly, don’t be afraid to slide your pan off the heat for a second. Frying Too Quickly? is published on 2013-07-23T21:08:42-04:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:12:00-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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Ask Kary

Thawing Frozen Steak, Fast

Thaw Frozen Steak, Fast!

You just got home from a long day of work and you haven’t eaten in hours. You have nothing ready to go in the fridge that will satisfy your hunger pangs. But wait! You have a big, thick Highlander Strip Loin steak from your favourite butcher… but it’s frozen rock ...

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3 vinegar bottles

Top 5 Vinegars You Should Have In Your Pantry

Which Vinegars Should You Have In Your Pantry? There are so many types of vinegar to choose from, but if you could only choose 5, choose these vinegars to stock your pantry with.  They are the most popular, used in most recipes, and don’t worry about them spoiling – they last forever! ...

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Must have herbs and spices

What are Your Must-Have Herbs and Spices?

Herbs and spices are a pantry necessity, they add fragrance and flavour to so many dishes! I am regularly asked what my must have herbs and spices are. Here they are: Bay leaves: use in stews, chillis and curries. Black pepper: salt’s partner. Cayenne powder: hot, hot, hot. Chilli powder: a blend ...

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Salt the Cabbage for Coleslaw

Why do Only Some Recipes Tell You to Salt the Cabbage for Coleslaw?

Why do only some coleslaw recipes (creamy or not) instruct you to toss shredded cabbage with salt and then let it sit for an hour before you dress it? When you make a quick coleslaw recipe (no salting), you’ll notice after a while that the coleslaw looks and tastes watery. ...

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