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Can You Reuse Cooking Oil?

Since posting the breaded cauliflower recipe, I had a friend ask “Can you reuse cooking oil?” The answer is YES, but it needs to be filtered first to remove the brown bits of food – if you reuse the oil without removing the browned bits, they’ll burn the next time ...

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Cooking Tips

Tender Turkey

Basting a Roast as it Cooks = Tenderness?

It’s been said that basting a cut of meat as it roasts produces a tender roast, compared to one that has not been basted. Here’s the reason why: when you baste a roast, you are occasionally opening and closing the oven door, right? This lowers the oven’s temperature, which slows ...

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Bake your nachos, don't broil them

Bake Your Nachos, Don’t Broil Them!

With Superbowl 48 just around the corner, it seems fitting to talk about NACHOS! Do you remember the first time you made nachos? I remember exactly! I was 14 and babysitting with a friend.  We had just put the kids to bed and wanted something tasty to eat, that’s when my ...

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Balance the acidity in tomato sauce

Balance the Acidity in Your Tomato Sauce

To improve a slightly acidic tasting tomato sauce, add a pinch of sugar. It’s amazing how a pinch of sugar will balance out the acidity in the sauce and boost the flavour. Balance the Acidity in Your Tomato Sauce is published on 2013-04-14T21:23:35-04:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:24:44-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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how to maintain wooden cutting boards

How to Maintain Wooden Cutting Boards

Most wooden cutting boards come pre-oiled and ready to repel anything it comes in contact with. However, with every wash, the oil slowly wears away, eventually leaving a dry board that will absorb liquids and odours and is also vulnerable to cracking. This is why it’s important to maintain wooden cutting ...

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Ask Kary

thawing meat

What’s the Best Way to Thaw Frozen Meat?

The best and safest way to thaw frozen meat is in the refrigerator. Thaw frozen meat on a lipped plate (to prevent juices from leaking) in the fridge, and on the lowest shelf. How long does it take to thaw frozen meat in the fridge? Ground meat, stewing beef, steaks ...

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how to sauté onion and garlic without the garlic burning

How to Sauté Onion and Garlic Without the Garlic Burning

Why is it that when I sauté onion and garlic together, the garlic always burns? Garlic has less moisture than an onion so it will burn at a faster rate, especially if the heat is too high and the garlic and onions aren’t stirred regularly. A great trick is to ...

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When to use which lentil?

How do you Cook Dried Beans Using the Quick-Soak Method?

I love to cook dried beans using the quick-soak method. Every time I soak beans overnight intending to cook them the next day, something always comes up and the soaked beans never get cooked! This quick-soak method involves pre-soaking dried beans in boiling water until they’re moist all the way through ...

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what types of knives do you use at home

Ask Kary: What Brand of Knife do You Use at Home?

“What Brand of Knife do You Use at Home?” This has to be the most popular question I get asked.  The brand of knife I prefer is “sharp.”  To me, it doesn’t matter what brand of knife I use – as long as it’s sharp and sits well in my hand. ...

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