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40 Things About Kary

1. I believe everything happens for a reason.

2. I was a figure skater through my teen years. Competing nationally on a precision skating team.

3. I was born in 1979.

4. I’m super superstitious. My right skate always got tied before the left one, or its bad luck.

5. I snowboard. (regular)

6. I totally believe in karma (see point #1). If I were to spit gum out on the street, I’d probably end up stepping in someone else’s.

7. I love the smell of the ocean, especially the first whiff when I step off a plane in Vancouver.

8. I went to school for fashion marketing. I was kicked out the first year.  I’d prefer to cook for my roommates than go to school – probably should have gone to culinary school.

9. I have one brother; he’s younger than I am.

10. The Joy of Cooking travels everywhere with me, even Australia! Seriously, it’s the reason my suitcase has been over the weight limit for 11 flights. My husband has since bought me an e-reader.

11. I’m very sneaky.  If there’s a way – I will find it.

12. I love beer.

13. I grew up in the back of a Ukrainian deli. No wonder I love food and cooking so much!

14. Speaking of which, if I could eat perogies every day and not get fat, I would totally do it.

15. My husband and I got married in 2009, the day after I found out I was the host of Best Recipes Ever. It was a pretty good week.

16. I planned my honeymoon in Costa Rica (tried surfing) during the week the show launched so I wouldn’t be around to watch it.  I just want to teach people how to cook, not watch myself teach people how to cook!

17. I love Pretty Woman.

18. My favourite cooking stars are Alton Brown and Lidia Bastianich.

19. I’m a procrastinator. I like to think that means I know the most efficient way to do everything.

20. I love ideas. Ever notice that ideas snowball on top of each other? (Brainstorm Tip: play the “Yes, And” game.)

21. I’m not so great at implementing those ideas.

22. Rewards are a great way to motivate me (see #19 & #21).

23. I don’t really like writing, but I do it everyday.

24. I’m an introvert.   But, I believe I’ve been trained pretty well to be an extroverted – must be from the 5 years I was a bartender and #2!

25. I have my mother’s tear ducts and charm.

26. But I have my father’s mouth.

27. I’m a tomboy.

28. I like to fish – I have no problem putting a worm on a hook.   Or filleting a live fish.

29. I wear glasses that make me look like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.  I rarely wear them out of the house.

30. I wear contacts when I film, that’s why I never cried while cutting onions.

31. I don’t really like clothes shopping – although sometimes I wish I did, I’d have more to wear!

32. If I’m upset, I usually go to the grocery store to try to forget about it.

33. My closet is a sea of black, but my favourite colors are turquoise and bright red – can you tell?

34. I’m not perfect.

35. I’ll never turn down grilled cheese and tomato soup.

36. I discovered my love of teaching working on Best Recipes Ever.

37. I love any kind of curry.

38. If I could just cook 24/7 for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest person ever!

19. My nickname growing up was “Care Bear.” My husband’s nickname for me is “Chicken Butt”??? I have no clue why. Maybe because it’s the schoolyard reply to “What’s up??

40. My dog’s name is Taco. He’s a Manchester Terrier who thinks he’s as big as a Doberman. He gets worried every time we make tacos for dinner.

Bonus!  If you have business inquiries, including advertising on the site, or you’re just interested, my bio can be found here.

Kary Osmond in kitchen with ingredients


  1. Magdalena P Ventura

    Kary, you spoiled us. We always enjoyed your show, your teachings on how to do things the easy way even when you cooked Mexican food, thank you, we miss you.
    Magda and Mario

  2. I sooo miss you om the show. It is hard watching it without you.

  3. Hi Marion! The temperature should be around 375F. But remember the more fish you add to the oil, the cooler the oil will become. So keep an eye on the temperature and adjust the heat as necessary (sometimes I over heat the oil a little knowing that the temperature will drop to 375 when the fish is added). As for a pie crust made with butter, I love the one I mention in this Meat Tourtiere recipe – http://karyosmond.com/french-canadian-tourtiere-meat-pie/

    Hope this helps!

  4. I used to make fried fish using a batter made with Bisquick and club soda. I tried recently and I don’t think the oil was hot enough. What temp. should fish be fried? Thanks. Love your show because you make the entire recipe giving amounts as you go. I’ve stopped watching one chef because you have to go to his web site to get amounts .Would love a pie crust recipe made with butter. Thanks.

  5. Hi Kary,

    I record your show each week on TIVO and make one of the recipes for dinner for my friends on Fridays.
    They love the food! Also, cooking your recipes help me de-stress form work. (: Thanks for your creative meals.

    Music Director (introvert)

    DeKalb, Illinois

  6. Hi Kary! I live in the U.S. (North Carolina), and have watched your show the past couple of years on ‘antenna tv’. I had cancelled cable/sattelite several years ago to save money (single mom with 2 kids in college = no money left for extras!). The thing I missed most about cable tv was the food shows, so I was thrilled to find the re-runs of your Best Recipes Ever! I really like your no-nonsense, down to business approach to cooking, and you do so much in 22 minutes. You did an awesome job on the show.

    I love to cook and I’ve enjoyed trying your recipes. I just found your website and registered my email address, so I look forward to getting emails from your site!

  7. Hi Kari
    In Pennsylvania we see your show at 6am.
    Your show is the first show which inspired me to try making some of the dishes which are on TV.
    The family loved the upsidedown Taco bake. (Thanks to you)
    You have a gift of teaching which encourages, breaks the complicated down to simple terms and makes cooking just plain fun!
    Thanks !!!

  8. So happy to have found your web site. Missed u on Best Recipes and saw u on BT city TV. Thanks for stating your web site on that show. Wondered where u went! Lost has been found! Lol-

  9. Susan! Thanks for the super awesome kind words!

  10. Hi Kary! You are just awesome! EVERY time I watch your show it’s off to the grocery for the ingredients to your latest piece de resistance.

    I love the tempo of your show – I bet that’s hard work in just 30 minutes – and the originality of your recipes. I love your use of fresh ingredients and your cooking/preparation tips.

    Your enthusiasm is infectious. How can cook so well and stay so THIN? You are hands-down my favorite on-air chef, and I wanted you to know you’re loved out here in TVland!

  11. I know you’re married, but you are freakin beautiful. Enjoy watching you everyday. Plus you have great recipes. Best of both worlds!

  12. Prettiest. Chef. Ever.

    Oh yeah, she also has some major culinary chops!!!

  13. Just noticed you have a book already….duh!

  14. My job requires that I watch “Best Recipies Ever” practically everyday. I would love to be your sous-chef and primary taster. I await a recipe book from you someday.

  15. Love your show. Wish I could purchase a cookbook with all the recipes I have viewed on TV.

  16. Hi Kary I’m Ally. I’m from Lodi, CA have to say I love your show. I am using your website and recipes to teach my 3 granddaughters basic cooking skills. they are ages 14, 13 and 7 years old. the oldest she is getting very good in fact she made your Reindeer Droppings Cookie Recipe for Christmas. Thanks for all you do.

  17. HAHA You’re funny Aunty Kay!

  18. #24is a big lie!