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Kary Osmond

Kary Lyndsey Osmond (born October 18, 1979 in Mississauga, Ontario) is a Canadian celebrity cook. Kary became a household name in 2009 when CBC selected her as the host of their new daytime cooking show, Best Recipes Ever.

Growing up in a family that loves to cook and eat, Kary caught the culinary bug early on and was her mother’s little helper in their family owned Eastern European Deli. The family moved on to their next culinary venture and opened a successful catering company. Operating out of their home’s basement, Kary was never be far from the action and loved helping to roll meatballs, cut bread, and even wrap the veggie and fruit platters.

Kary’s first official cooking class was in Grade seven where she conquered her first recipe – Spaghetti à la Carbonara – in her Home Economics class. She then started collecting cookbooks with her first being a gift from her mom (Just for Kids Cookbook).

Cooking wasn’t Kary’s only passion when she was younger, she also skated competitively and enjoyed traveling, spending many summers visiting family in British Columbia, Canada.

Kary is a self-taught cook with some chef school training. She studied food theory to better understand the “whys” of cooking but most of her culinary knowledge has been gleaned from her family and tirelessly studying cookbooks and putting into practice what she had learned.

From the age of 20, she knew she wanted to have a cooking show so she could teach everyone how easy it is to cook. At 30, her dream was finally realized when CBC called her in to audition for their brand new show – Best Recipes Ever. As the inaugural host, Kary shared tips and tricks with viewers to help them gain confidence in the kitchen and teach novices how to cook. Kary quickly led Best Recipes Ever to earn the top spot as Canada’s number one daytime cooking show.

After season four, Kary decided to move on to other projects and focus on building her personal brand. In March 2013, Kary developed a back-to-basics campaign with the Ontario Produce Marketing Association called Produce Made Simple. The campaign taught people how to pick, store, and prepare produce and featured original recipes developed by Kary. Her website offers daily tips, tricks and recipes to get people cooking with ease. Kary can be found chatting daily with her audience on social media through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

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Kary Osmond - Canadian Celebrity Cook


  1. Hi Kary…. Months ago I sent a nice note to the TV station that you were on, only to learn that you were not on. That’s too bad because you are an excellent host with a ton of great ideas. I do the cooking in our family and I just love the new ideas.. and you have just the right personality! Anyway, thanks for all the good stuff. I am a pescitarian (vegitarian that eats fish) and I use many of your ideas… the quick way to get potatoes ready to do other great things, for instance, is to microwave them and then work other magic! Thanks! tuart

  2. I’m so glad that I just found that you have a website!! I was not happy that you were not hosting Best Recipes Ever anymore. I tried to watch the new girl but the show just wasn’t the same. I’m going to bookmark your site! :-)

  3. Wait… we are watching reruns? You aren’t hosting the show anymore? Oh I sincerely hope you are busy hosting another, more mainstream show. You are fun to watch, talented, and you are far above so many of the other, boring cooking show hosts out there! We love you!

  4. Kary, here in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. your show airs at 6 am.. And we don’t miss an episode. My husband and I start our day with you and love the recipes. Congratulations on reaching your dream, you are a fabulous host and we would love to see your career go even further :)

  5. Hi Kary,
    It is easy to fall in love with cooking when it is so easy to fall in love with you!
    One question about chicken omelettes, as I understand it, first you take the egg out of the chicken, then you cook the chicken, and then put the chicken inside the egg… what is the deal? That is using two generations of chicken for one omelette… Thank you for the show, even though 6am is early, your worth it.

  6. Hi
    I like, you cook some persian cooking , lam chef , if you intrested I can provide you with lot of good recipes , I love your show,you doing great job and you are beautiful .know is 4 am and I am wake only to watch your show frank

  7. Prettiest. Chef. Ever.

    Oh yeah, she also has some major culinary chops!!!

  8. Kary, you’re the prettiest host ever (love your voice). I’m a novice, but I’ve learned so much from you. From Vancouver, Washington (USA), over free T.V., I recently discovered your show on LWN. Love it and watch it 3 times a day. Food never tasted so good!

  9. Hey Neighbour! I am such a pierogi-loving girl, and always on the hunt for a delicious dozen. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them.

    Thanks for the kind words :)

  10. Hey Kary,

    Hello from your neighbor to the south, just across the lake in Western New York. We really enjoyed your show on CBC, and miss watching you on TV here. Hope you’ll be returning soon. As an FYI…

    Because you’re a pierogi-loving girl at heart, I thought you’d might enjoy knowing that, coming in March, Buffalo is getting it’s very first, and only, Polish Food Truck. Yep. It’s called Betty Crockski. lol. These trucks are all the rage in our area, many different cuisines are available, and soon – homemade pierogis on the go!

    Here’s the website: https://www.bettycrockski.com/

    If you’re ever down here in the Buffalo area, I’m sure you’ll want to give them a try. Good luck with all of your endeavors, and we look forward to your hosting a new cooking show on television very soon.


  11. Hi Karry,

    I am so glad that I finally found you!! We lost you after you left Best Recipes!! My friends and I are very excited about finding your Website. Do you also have a show? We love cooking and baking and love to try out your recipes on our families!! You are the best! You make cooking so easy and fun!! Sincerely, Faith

  12. @Susan from the Detroit area.

    I live in the Detroit area as well. The Best Recipes Ever shows with Kary as host are shown on the Living Well
    Network in our area. The channel is 297 on Comcast and also receive it on an Over The Air (OTA) antenna on
    channel 7.2. The episodes show at 4:30 am, 6 am and 3 pm. The new shows with Christine as host are broadcast on Comcast channel 99 and 9.1 on an OTA antenna at 3 pm. Hopefully Kary will surprise us someday with a new show.

  13. Hi Kary!
    I too watch you on the live well network at 4:30am.
    Since I’m not in Canada, I have no idea who has replaced you on the show, as we only get the reruns here, but I’m glad I found you here, and will like your Facebook page in a sec too.

    Ive made bunches of your recipes. I love the pierogies. I make bunches and freeze them now.
    Theyre great any time.

    Will be checking here for recipes now.
    What kind of knives do you use? I know they’re Japanese, so they just be great to use.
    Happy 2014!

    Missy in NYC

  14. Kary
    What a great show easy and simple to follow directions. Sometimes I might add a little more hot pepper but so far recipes are delicious. If your ever in the country of Lancaster pa your welcomed in my kitchen. Great job. Peace Jeff

  15. Hi Kary, sure am glad I found you on the LWN! You’re on 3 times a day!!! Hardly ever watch that ‘other’ food network anymore . It’s nice to see a show ABOUT cooking with such a beautiful host! & it’s a treat when you get silly…c’mon, you know you do!!!

  16. Thanks for the super kind words! I’m so happy you feel inspired! If you check just down from the top on the left, there’s a link to the Best Recipes Ever book! Have a great weekend! xx k.

  17. Hi Kary,
    I watch your show 2 times a day, very early in the morning and another later in the day. I call you the best
    cook ever ! You inspire me with how excited you get making your recipes . Thank you for all the great tips
    you offer too. Congrats for having a excellent show. Not sure if you have a recipe book , but if you do have
    one it will be on my wish list……Chileman

  18. Great show and recipes, wish you were on LiveW more often in the U.S. So I could learn more. Amazing how you cook, stay clean and organized while looking beautiful. If you are ever in NY doing a book signing I would love to meet you.

  19. I loved watching you cook on Best Recipes Ever. Its not the same without you. I’ll check out your new website. Anna

  20. I’m glad you like the show! If you ever have any questions, be sure to write me on the site or follow me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kary.osmond)

  21. Thanks for the super kind words of encouragement and I’m glad you were able to find me on karyosmond.com!

  22. Miss you on Best Recipes Ever. Show isn’t the same without you. Good luck with everything.

  23. Kary, I saw you this week for the first time and have to say you have the very best cooking show ever and now I see that it is gone. Marry me! I have been practicing saying, “I’m a boot to leave the kitchen.” instead of, “I’m a fixin’ ta git out’n the kitchen”. You’re the bee’s knees!

  24. As others have said, I miss you on Best Recipes Ever. You were an awesome host for that show and I’ve learned a lot about cooking from you. I really impressed my family one Christmas using recipes that you made.

  25. I miss you as the host! Ive watched the show from Kamloops BC since the beginning and you were so personable, friendly, and helpful! Throughout my recent pregnancy I loved catching your episodes and now I have a beautiful four month old boy who falls asleep in my arms while we watch the show….it’s just not the same without you. Best of luck with your new endeavours and I can’t wait until you’re back on tv!

  26. George P. Elsinboro, NJ

    Hey Kary,

    Have you ever tried approaching PBS with a cooking show? In my opinion PBS has some of the best cooking shows and you would fit right in! One way or another we your fans will figure a way to get you back on TV… ;)

  27. Thanks Judy! Hopefully I’ll have a new cooking show in the near future :) xx k.

  28. Hi Gloria! Thanks for the kind words :) It doesn’t matter which knife you use, all that matters is that it’s sharp – that’s the best brand! That being said, we used Mac Knives on the show – they are wonderful. xxoo k.

  29. Hi Jenna,
    We used Le Creuset on the show. They can be pricey, so keep an eye out for them at garage sales, because the more they’re used the better they get! xx k.

  30. Love your cooking show on LWN, I don’t see the kitchen essentials list on the show site, can you tell me what brand is the dutch oven you use on the show.

  31. Shows just not the same..:(..we miss u! How do I find this show? I live in Ontario Canada. Good luck on your new venture!

  32. I LOVE Best Recipes Ever. I watch it on the Live Well station every morning before work. I watched the new show this summer and it’s just not the same!

    I love your knife-could you possibly share what Brand it is? It seems to work perfectly.

    Thank you,

  33. i miss you Kary, i always looked forward to your show Best Recipes Ever.
    I am praying for your success in whatever you want to achieve.
    You are a wonderful person and have helped me so many times in the kitchen.
    Take Care,

  34. Scott M. Sacramento, CA

    Started watching your show and got hooked. I like the bits of advice and explanations you give as you’re working. You make it look so simple. Also, your website is packed with tons of useful information written at an easily comprehensible level. “Best Recipes Ever” could be renamed “Best Cooking Show Ever”. Your successor will have very big shoes to fill, but I won’t know, as I won’t be watching anymore! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  35. Love watching the show on LWN. Great recipes, realistic to make, and an absolutely beautiful host! :-x

  36. Great show + Super HOT host = recipe for success. Wish you the best.

  37. Glad you found me George! Have a super July 4th :) Thanks for the kind words. xx k.

  38. George P. Elsinboro, NJ

    Hi Kary,

    I used to watch your show with a satellite dish until the CBC scrambled the signal last year. I just found you on the Live Well network. It’s on at 3:30a in the morning so I have to record the show. I’m am so happy to be able to watch the show again! I will watch the reruns until you leave…lol. Bet the show isn’t the same without you. Out of all the cooking shows out there, you I can understand and follow along. You are a great instructor!

  39. Wathed you all the time on CBC across the river in Detroit. Miss you but glad you have this website. Wish you the best of luck in your new adventures.

  40. Kevin Lamm Clayton, NC


    Always a pleasure to watch, to listen, to learn, and to cook using your tips and recipes. YOU made the show and will be truly missed. Good Luck in all that you do. I hope to see you again soon.


  41. Kary,
    I am watching Best Recipes Ever on the Live Well network. I live in St. Paul, MN USA. We have only had this network available to us for about a year. I absolutely love your show! I think you are a born teacher as you make everything look so simple. I am always anxious to make a recipe from the show because you give such clear step by step directions. You are clearly a born chef as well. So much talent…

    This is the first time I’ve been in your web site, I wanted to print several recipes. I saw pictures of you cooking at an MS event. I am curious how you connected with MS as I have a daughter with the disease. Is there much MS in Canada?

    Thank you for all you do. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you.

  42. I miss watching ‘Best Receipes Ever’ with You as the host! You made the show!

    Thank you soo much for that show & showing us all what can be done & soo easily too :)
    Good luck with your new adventures!!!

  43. Harry Skromeda

    Hi Kary,

    Miss seeing you on TV, what are you doing now?

    As a fellow Ukrainian, I watched my mother cook and help her out as well. Ukrainian mothers cooked the best. Not exactly diet food, but very tasty delicious recipes.. Although I never took up cooking as an occupation, I love to cook and cook for my friends as well. Love your recipes.

  44. No problem! It’s my favourite thing to do :)

  45. thanks for help on cooking.