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August = Fun Times!

This past month was a busy blast! We planned and celebrated a double 40th birthday bash (for my husband and his bestie) which ended with a bang, seeing Jane’s Addiction (one of my fav bands) under a full moon!

I had strict instructions from the birthday boys that I could ONLY plan the party, not cater it (I guess they don’t like my cooking?!?! hahah).

I used this lovely, lovely, lovely cater:http://www.xilonencatering.ca/. Maria was fantastic. The authentic Mexican taco station she did was unreal – mini corn tortillas were heated to order and you had the choice of shredded pork, chicken, beef or mushroom as a filling and a choice of so many toppings (and you could go up for as many tacos as you wanted!).

Maria’s Guac Tip: She used chipotle in her guacamole rather than jalapeño, because jalapeños are a little sour and she prefers the smoky flavour from a chipotle (which is a smoked jalapeño)

I also want to mention that the staffing company we used for servers and bartenders was TOP NOTCH! http://www.redstaffing.com/ RED Staffing

As promised, here are a few pics.



IMG_2260 IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_7013 IMG_7027 IMG_7045 Image Image 1


  1. I’m so glad you found me here on karyosmond.com! Thanks so much for the kind words! Make sure to check out producemadesimple.ca for my latest adventure!

  2. So happy to have found your website because I miss seeing you on TV! You were a fantastic host and chef on “Best Recipes Ever” and you are missed…looking forward to following you in your next adventures! :)

  3. Hello Kary, I watch your Best Recipes Ever aired at 3pm on LWN from Los Angeles. Thank you for all the recipes and tips. And you look well put together. You are a good role model to young women.

  4. Have been a loyal follower of you and your recipes after I retired and started cooking & baking. I always come straight to your site for recipes & ideas. I include my grandkids in trying your recipes.
    I look forward to pictures of your 40th birthday party if I am still alive in 15 years !!!!

  5. Thanks for the super kind words David! If your daughter ever needs help or advice, just tell her to send me a message. k.

  6. Good morning Kary :)

    In the midst of sleeplessness last night,, as I drifted in and out with the tv on, one of the recipe shows in which you were making a fruit tart pastry was on..It was the first time I had ever seen or heard of you..I have to give you an A+ all the way around..Presentation not only with the dish you prepared,but your personal presentation as well..You were a pleasure to watch an led me to hunt a few more of your video’s first thing this morning..And as a result, I pushed my 17 yo daughter when she woke just a little while ago to take note of you for cooking idea’s as she self motivated herself into a culinary course which her high school offered a couple years back and has the same passion as you when it comes to food..She has really surprised me with some of her creations..Not only good,but pretty too..I’ve been prompting her to photogragh her work recently which I felt would be a plus to include in any job applications she puts out there as she is determined to become a chef to a certain degree..But getting back to you,, I look forward to her playing with your recipe ideas as she saw some of your photo’s of dishes you prepared and already has decided she is going to make a few of them..Can’t wait! She homed in on your garlic shrimp creation real fast..

    Love your description of the birthday party by the way. Looks like everyone had a great time in perfect weather :).Keep up the great work…