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Can You Freeze Your Holiday Cookies?

Making sure you have enough cookies for everyone around the holidays can be tough, but having some extras on hand can be a lifesaver for last-minute or hostess gifts. How do you store those extras until you’re ready for them?

Cookies will last longest if they’re stored in an airtight container in a cool place, like your fridge or (if you’re in a colder climate) your garage! When placing the cookies in the container, make sure you separate the layers of cookies with a sheet of parchment or wax paper, this will help prevent the cookies from sticking on top of each other.

Make sure to store cookies of the same type together, crisp cookies with crisp and soft cookies with soft. Mixing them together will cause the crisp cookies, like shortbread or ginger cookies, to go soft.

Cookies decorated with names

Can you freeze your holiday cookies until you need them?

Yes! Most websites will tell you to store your cookies undecorated (but that means you still have to decorate them once they thaw). If you make sure that your cookies have completely cooled and the icing is totally dry, my mom says you can freeze decorated cookies. She likes to get ahead of the holiday season and she’s been doing it for years.

Here’s some great cookie freezing tips:





When you’re baking your cookies, remember: You can reuse your parchment paper!


  1. Hi Theresa, it probably will be a little less, but not by much. I’m a fan of freezing already baked cookies because when I want them, I don’t want to have to still make them. Hope this helps! Have a great weekend! xx k.

  2. I have borrowed a friends Kitchenaid stand mixer and want to use if for my whipped shortbreads that usually take 10 minutes of beating with my hand mixer. How long should I leave the stand mixer on once the ingredients are incorporated>? I realized it’s likely much less than the 10 minutes the hand mixer uses. And, once I get the batter prepared, should I bake the cookies and freeze them or freeze the dough and bake fresh?