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How to soften butter for toast

How to Soften Butter for Toast

How many times have you gone to spread butter on toast only to realize you’ve forgotten to refill the butter dish? I’ll admit it, I do it all the time. And it’s not because I’m lazy.  It’s usually because after ...

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Canned Whole Tomatoes Vs. Canned Diced Tomatoes

Canned Diced Tomatoes vs Canned Whole Tomatoes

You’re making a tomato sauce, should you use canned diced tomatoes or canned whole tomatoes? Besides the obvious, what’s the difference? Answer: Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) What is calcium chloride?  It’s a type of salt, a mineral additive.  And it’s used ...

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How To Season Properly – Height Matters!

Have you ever eaten something that looked beautiful on the plate, but had uneven flavour? A possible cause was the technique used to season the food, so today’s tip is How To Season Properly! Take a pinch of salt in ...

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How to Cook Live Mussels

How To Choose, Store, and Cook Live Mussels

Do you love ordering a bowl of steaming-hot mussels at a restaurant?  Do you know mussels are super simple to make at home? Don’t let mussels intimidate you — all they need is a quick scrub and steam. The best ...

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Bake your nachos dont broil them

Bake Your Nachos, Don’t Broil Them!

With Superbowl 48 just around the corner, it seems fitting to talk about NACHOS! Do you remember the first time you made nachos? I remember exactly! I was 14 and babysitting with a friend.  We had just put the kids to ...

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Save time with your food processor 5

Save Time With Your Food Processor!

This is the time of year to put your food processor to work as an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Why spend minutes on chopping and grating when you can take only seconds?!? Especially if you’re cooking a feast! Dust ...

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How many appetizers per person2

How Many Appetizers Per Person?

Planning parties can be stressful. There are tons of details to look after to make sure your guests have an awesome time. Making sure you have enough food to serve your guests doesn’t need to be confusing. How many appetizers ...

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Can you reuse parchment paper

Can You Reuse Parchment Paper?

First, what is parchment paper?  It’s high density paper with a non-stick coating. It can be used to line cookie sheets, cake pans, and muffin tins to keep your baked goods from sticking and make clean-up a breeze. Did you know you ...

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