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Bunch of bananas

Store Ripe Bananas in the Fridge

My 89 year old Nana has a problem: she says she can never seem to eat all the bananas she buys before they turn soft.  This means she has way too many bananas going into her freezer on a weekly ...

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A Splash of Bleach Keeps your Dishcloths Smelling Clean

How to Keep Dishcloths from Smelling

After a few days of washing dishes, dishcloths can develop a stink, especially if they’re not hung to dry – and I know you know what I’m talking about! To keep your dishcloths from smelling, submerge it in a sink ...

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Balance the acidity in tomato sauce

Balance the Acidity in Your Tomato Sauce

To improve a slightly acidic tasting tomato sauce, add a pinch of sugar. It’s amazing how a pinch of sugar will balance out the acidity in the sauce and boost the flavour. Balance the Acidity in Your Tomato Sauce is ...

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Protect Your Nonstick Pans

Always wash your nonstick pans by hand. Washing them in the dishwasher will wash away their nonstick coating. Also, avoid using sharp-sided utensils and don’t cook with them over HIGH heat. Protect Your Nonstick Pans is published on 2013-03-25T23:24:23-04:00 and ...

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What do you do with leftover tomato paste

What Do You Do With Leftover Tomato Paste?

Some recipes call for 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, and unless you have tomato paste in a tube, opening up a new can seems pointless.  Especially when you’ll have 9 tablespoons of leftover paste to deal with. There are a ...

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Seasoning Tomatoes

Seasoning tomatoes, enhances their natural flavour. Before adding diced tomatoes to a salad, season them with a little salt and pepper, or pinch of Italian seasoning. Seasoning Tomatoes is published on 2013-02-27T21:19:30-05:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:30:27-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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how to cut spaghetti squash in half

How to Cut a Spaghetti Squash in Half

Firmly insert the tip of a large, sharp knife into the centre of the squash, then push straight down until the knife is all the way through. Holding the squash firmly with one hand, cut through the squash by wedging ...

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Pancake Tips

Helpful Hints for Making Delicious Pancakes!

Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday! What kind of pancakes are you making? Here are some helpful hints for making delicious pancakes: To make a great pancake, it’s important that you heat your pan properly. To do so, heat your pan slowly ...

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Taste Test Your Burgers

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, I thought a burger tip would go over well. If you’re experimenting with your burgers this weekend, check to make sure they taste great before you grill or pan-fry the whole batch. To do ...

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