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Lumpy Gravy fix

How to Fix a Lumpy Gravy

If you end up with lumpy gravy, don’t panic!  Just give it a quick blitz in the blender to smooth it out. Also, here’s a quick way to separate the turkey juice from the fat. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American ...

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When to use which lentil?

Which Type of Lentil Should I Use?

Brown and green lentils hold their shape well after being cooked.  Red lentils, sometimes golden in colour, turn mushy when fully cooked, use them as a nutritious thickener for soups, sauces, and curries.

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Garlic paste Garlic minced and garlic crushed

Different Strengths of Garlic Flavour

The finer garlic is cut, the stronger its flavour will be. Garlic paste (finely grated) gives an intense garlic flavour, and a garlic clove that’s been slightly smashed adds a mild garlic flavour.

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Peeling Cauliflower

Rescuing Cauliflower

Just because a head of cauliflower has a few brown spots on it, doesn’t mean it has to be thrown out. Just cut off the imperfections.  Using a vegetable peeler to do this works best.

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Tender Turkey

Basting a Roast as it Cooks = Tenderness?

It’s been said that basting a cut of meat as it roasts produces a tender roast, compared to one that has not been basted. Here’s the reason why: when you baste a roast, you are occasionally opening and closing the ...

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Instant Meat Cutting Board

Instant Meat Cutting Board

If you don’t have a large enough meat cutting board, place a smaller cutting board on top of a baking sheet. The baking sheet will catch all the yummy juices.

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