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Instant cooling rack for baked goods

Instant Cooling Rack for Baked Goods

When baked goods come out of the oven, they should be placed on a cooling rack to properly cool, or they tend to steam and loose their gorgeous crust. If you don’t have a cooling rack handy, use skewers to ...

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rinsing onions

Rinsing Sliced Onion Gets Rid of its Bite

If you’re making a Greek salad, and hesitant about adding sliced red onion because you don’t want to taste onion all night long – don’t be! Rinsing sliced onion before you add it to your salad will rinse away its ...

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Crispy Home Fries

Spice Up your Breakfast Potatoes

Add a sprinkle of curry powder and salt to your breakfast potatoes while they cook. The curry powder adds a touch of awesomeness or, as my friend Andree Souliere would say, a little ‘je ne sais quoi!” Do you have ...

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Make Fresh Herbs Last L

Make Fresh Herbs Last Longer

What is the best way to store fresh herbs so they last longer? The best way to store fresh herbs so that they last longer is: wash in cold water dry herbs slightly wrap herbs in paper towel (or a ...

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