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Basic Baked Chicken Wings e1393796532232

Basic Baked Chicken Wing Recipe

Yes, you could buy a box of packaged chicken wings and bake them in the oven.  But, chances are they’ve been fried and then frozen – and contain way too many ingredients. Did you know that it’s just as easy ...

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Pitcher of Caesar Mix

A Pitcher of Caesar Mix

You can ask everyone in the room if they want a Caesar, and most of them will say no – until they see you make one! I don’t know why, but as soon as you make one Caesar, everyone suddenly ...

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Sweet Onion Chip Dip L

Onion Chip Dip

Chips need dip! Especially salty, plain ruffle chips. To balance the saltiness of my favourite chips, I wanted to create a chip dip that had a hint of sweetness.  I added slow-cooked caramelized onions to sour cream (you can use light sour cream ...

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Basic Hot Chocolate Recipe

Basic Hot Chocolate

There’s something so comforting about sitting down with a mug filled with hot, creamy hot chocolate. If you’ve been outside on a cold day, the rich and smooth taste of hot cocoa seems relax you while warming you up from ...

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breaded cauliflower plated L

Breaded Cauliflower

This is my mom’s go-to entertaining recipe – crispy Breaded Cauliflower.  She loves it because it’s impressive and can be made ahead of time.  Serve this dish as a side or as an appetizer with your favourite dip – try ...

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Basic Hummus

Basic Hummus Recipe

This Basic Hummus recipe (pronounced HOOM-uhs) is a breeze to make, especially with an immersion blender. It’s made with only a handful of ingredients, most of which you probably have on hand. It’s super smooth and creamy and can be adjusted to ...

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