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Fruits and Vegetables – A


Pick Smooth, firm apples, free of blemishes and bruises.
Storage To help retain moisture, store apples in an open or perforated plastic bag in the fridge.
Prepare Rinse well under cold water and eat.  Or, cut into quarters and cut out the core with a sharp paring knife.


Pick Bright green leaves that are fresh looking, not bruised.
Storage Baby arugula can be kept in its container in the fridge for a few days.  Arugula sold in small bunches can be wrapped in lightly dampened paper towel and stored in an open or perforated plastic  bag in the fridge for a few days – it’s best to use it quickly.
Prepare Wash well in a sink of cold water. As you lift the greens out, the grit should be left behind.  If it’s really gritty, plunge into cold water a few times.  Spin or pat dry.



Pick Firm asparagus spears that have tightly closed tips.
Storage Wrap ends in a damp paper towel or stand upright in a glass of water.  Cover with a plastic bag and store in the fridge for up to 4 days.
Prepare Snap off or trim and peel the woody ends. Rinse under cold water.



Pick Fruit that is heavy for its size with no blemishes or sunken soft spots.  An unripe avocado will be firm and green.  A ripe avocado will give slightly to gentle pressure.
Storage  Store unripe avocados at room temperature until they soften.  Store ripe avocados in the fridge.
Prepare To halve an avocado, cut it lengthwise around the pit.  Twist the halves in opposite directions and pull apart.  Firmly smack the seed with the heel of a sharp knife; twist knife and lift out seed.

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