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Thanks for checking out this page. There aren’t any giveaways going on right now, but when there is, I will let you know!


  1. Thanks for the super kind words and for checking the site out! Happy Holidays to you as well! xx k.

  2. Hi Kary…I think I enjoy your helpful tips here and on Facebook more than I did while watching your show…although only by a little bit! You are so so helpful to us home cooks! You make us BETTER! Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  3. Kary ~ Thanks for all your hard work. You were the show and cannot be duplicated. Lead on, teach! I’ll follow and enjoy you wherever you wander. A Florida Fan

  4. Hi Kary,
    I met you at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show and you signed my cookbook..it is the only one of many that I actually use…lol… Hope we can have you back again, you were a huge hit!

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m just on to my next adventure. Have a great weekend! xx k.

  6. I wish you the same, John. Have a great weekend! xx k.

  7. Loved watching you on the tv show. Very entertaining lady, with the knife skills to prove it!

  8. Excellent…I will present this knife to my daughter…with the appropriate knife skills traing!
    May You and Your Loved Ones Have a Blessed Holiday Season!

  9. Hi Kary…wondering why you are not on “Best Recipes Ever” anymore?? Loved the show when you were there…not so much anymore.

  10. Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Cool, I need a knife… You’re one rocking lady. :)

  12. thanks for the opportunity … have a wonderful Christmas … I am wintering in the States and get to see you on TV here ….. lucky me.

  13. Need that knife so i can cook like Bourdain

  14. This is an awesome knife, someone one gave me a set of victorinox knifes for a wedding gift (3Pc set) they are the best tools in my kitchen as far as knives go. This would be an awesome gift for my son who has cooking fever!

  15. Hey Kary,
    Just prepared some of your french toast with creamy hashbrowns! The girls sucked em down!
    Luv Ya xxJSJ

  16. Thanks so much!!! My mother-in-law makes them for me. No plans to sell them yet, it’s just a little project she took on. I’ll be sure to let her know you like them! xx k.

  17. Hi Kary, love your show. When are you going to sell a line of the aprons you wear? They are lovely. The patterns are so interesting and energetic!

  18. Love love your web

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