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Helpful Hints for Making Delicious Pancakes!

Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday! What kind of pancakes are you making?

Here are some helpful hints for making delicious pancakes:

  • To make a great pancake, it’s important that you heat your pan properly. To do so, heat your pan slowly over low heat, then turn it up to the desired temperature just before you’re ready to fry your pancakes; by doing this, you’ll have an evenly heated pan with no hot spots.
  • Butter has milk solids in it that burn at medium to medium-high heat. If you want to fry your pancakes in butter (because it tastes soooooo good), try using clarified butter instead. Here’s how to make clarified butter in the microwave (make a smaller batch, as you’ll only need a few tablespoons to make your pan non-stick). If you’re not using clarified butter, use something with a high smoke point, like sunflower or canola oil.
  • Pancakes are ready to flip when bubbles start to form and pop on top of the pancake.
  • Keep your pancakes warm in a preheated 200F oven while you finish making the rest of the batch.


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