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How to Keep Dishcloths from Smelling

After a few days of washing dishes, dishcloths can develop a stink, especially if they’re not hung to dry – and I know you know what I’m talking about!

To keep your dishcloths from smelling, submerge it in a sink of water with a splash of bleach and let it sit overnight.  In the morning, rinse and hang it to dry.

Note: this will discolour your dishcloths, so use light coloured ones.

To keep bleach handy, recycle an old water bottle with a squeeze top and fill it with bleach.  Make sure you label it “Bleach” and keep it out of reach from little ones.  The squeeze top makes it easy to add a splash to your dishwater when your cutting boards need a good clean as well.

A Splash of Bleach Keeps your Dishcloths Smelling Clean


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