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How to Kill Fruit Flies

Home remedy for how to kill fruit flies

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and peaches are in season – but so are fruit flies. Those nasty little pests fly around the kitchen and hover around summer fruit ripening on your kitchen counter – gross! They seem to appear out of nowhere and can be really tough to get rid of.

Here’s How to Kill Fruit Flies:

To rid my kitchen of fruit flies, I’ve always used my Nana’s trick. Before I go to bed, I place a small cup of apple cider vinegar on the counter with a few drops of liquid dish soap stirred into it. The sweet apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit flies and the dish soap puts them to sleep. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, you can also use wine or apple juice.


  1. Kary’s idea is easier!

  2. My method for catching fruit flies involves a clear plastic container with lid, (500-1000 ml), one banana peel and a fork. Place the peel in the container, puncture the container lid with the fork, a small hole, not much bigger than the tip of the fork, close the container, and place near the other fruit.

    The smell of the rotting fruit being stronger than the unripened fruit gets the flies to come in, and once in, cannot find the way out again as the smell is all around them. Take the container outside and remove the lid to release the flies, and dispose of the old banana peel and any eggs that have been laid. Wash and repeat.

    I have used this method whenever I start to see fruit flies, and within a week they are gone. I just wash the container and lid, and keep it available for the next time.

    It really works, and the contents are biodegradable and container recyclable.