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How To Season Properly – Height Matters!

Have you ever eaten something that looked beautiful on the plate, but had uneven flavour? A possible cause was the technique used to season the food, so today’s tip is How To Season Properly!

Take a pinch of salt in between your fingers and sprinkle it from 2 inches high. Did you notice the area where the salt lands? It’s very small and precise.

Now, take another pinch of salt and sprinkle it from 5 inches high. Notice the area where the salt lands, it’s much larger and more evenly spread out.

Unless you’re trying to season a specific part of something, seasoning from a higher height will ensure that your flavouring is more evenly dispersed, instead of only being focused  on one small area.

This applies to seasoning of any kind — herbs, salt, pepper, sugar, spices, etc.

The Height You Season From Matters

How to season Properly