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How to Soften Butter for Toast

How many times have you gone to spread butter on toast only to realize you’ve forgotten to refill the butter dish?

I’ll admit it, I do it all the time.

And it’s not because I’m lazy.  It’s usually because after the last bit of softened butter gets used, I toss the butter dish into the dishwasher for a deep clean.  When the dish ends up back on the counter, I don’t always remember to fill it with fresh butter.  And I usually realize this at the worst time – when the toaster has just popped 2 pieces of toast.

The obvious solution would be to soften butter in the microwave, but that just melts the butter into a wet mess.


How to Soften Butter for Toast:


Use a cheese grater to grate butter on hot toast. The small grated pieces of butter will melt instantly. Timesaver: If you place a second piece of toast on top of the toast with grated butter, you’ll instantly butter 2 pieces of toast.

  • Grating cold butter is also great on steamed veggies, like broccoli, asparagus, and carrots.
  • Bakers often use grated butter when they need softened butter for frosting, or as a timesaver when cutting butter into flour to make pastry.

Look what I just found!  It’s a Japanese gadget for grating butter on toast. Who knew?!


  1. Love your show. I wake up to your show first thing in the morning at 6am in Southern California on the Live Well Channel. Yours are the recipes that I go to all the time. The recipes are delicious. I don’t bake but you make them look easy enough for even me to try! I hope your show plays forever here on Live Well.

  2. I just use a cheese grater to shed my butter and I also do this when I make pie crusts and simply shred the cold butter into the dough and stir in around….so much easier!!!

    Love your website Kary!!!!!

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  4. I really want one of these easy butter graters but can’t find where to buy them? I know a japanese site sells them but can’t read Japanese. Are they for sale in the us or do you know