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Meat Temperature Chart

Do you feel stressed when trying to determine if meat is cooked and safe to eat?

You are not alone.

I find the number one thing that stresses out new cooks is knowing when food is cooked.  Judging meat doneness  takes lots of practise.  Until you develop that superpower for knowing when meat is cooked, use this meat temperature chart and a meat thermometer.

Using a meat thermometer to judge doneness takes away all the guess work and stress!

Meat Temperature Chart

Meat Temperature Chart

Roasts, Steaks & Chops Doneness

Beef should be removed from the heat 5 degrees lower than the temperatures indicated below.  As the meat rests, its temperature will rise 5 degrees, coming to that perfect doneness.





Well Done

Beef, Veal & Lamb 125°F 52°C 130°F 54°C 140°F 60°C 150°F 65°C 160°F 71°C
Pork 145°F 63°C 160°F 71°C


Tip: Allow refrigerated raw meat to rest and come to room-temperature for 30 minutes to ensure even cooking.

Minimum ‘Done’ Temperatures for Food Safety


Minimum Done Temperature for Food Safety

Ground Beef 160°F 71°C
Ground Veal 160°F 71°C
Ground Lamb 160°F 71°C
Ground Pork 160°F 71°C
Ground Chicken 165°F 74°C
Ground Turkey 165°F 74°C
Sausages 160°F 71°C
Pork Ribs 160°F 71°C
Ham 160°F 71°C
Chicken (Whole or Pieces) 165°F 74°C
Turkey (Whole or Pieces) 165°F 74°C
Chicken Breast 165°F 74°C


If you’re unsure about oven temperature and timing when cooking meat, use this Ultimate Roasting Chart – it’s the bomb!

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