Mangoes come in a rainbow of colours and a variety of shapes. Whether they are yellow, orange, green, or a blush red, one thing is for sure — they will be sweet and juicy! The fragrance alone inspires so many wonderful culinary creations and often adds a Thai twist! Noted as one of the most flavourful fruits, mangoes taste like a combination of a peach and pineapple when ripe. They also deliver great nutritional value and are high in Vitamin A and beta-carotene.

How to Pick and Store a Mango:

You know a mango is ripe when it gives gently when squeezed. It will also smell sweet and very aromatic, you’ll often see a little dried juice dripping down the side. Look for mangoes that are free from blemishes and have tight skin. Also, to get the most fruit, buy larger mangoes.

To store, place your ripe mangoes in an open or perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator. They should last up to five days. If you’ve purchased a mango that is not quite ripe, leave it on the kitchen counter for a day or two. If you find that your mango is rock hard, it will likely never ripen. However, try using it to make a Thai mango salad, which calls for firm, unripe mangoes.

How to Prepare a Mango:

Mangoes are a bit tricky to slice since they have a huge oval seed in the middle. First, you’ll want to rinse the fruit, then peel the skin off and stand the mango upright. Using a very sharp knife, slice through the fruit on one of the wider sides (about a half inch from the centre). It’s also called the cheek of the mango. If your knife hits the seed, move your knife over a bit more. Repeat on the other side. Watch this video to learn a couple ways to slice and dice a mango.

Mango Tips:

  • The juicy flesh of a peeled mango can be hard to hold firmly while cutting. To help stabilize it, slice a little off the bottom of the mango to stop it from rolling as you slice and dice it.
  • Mango juice will stain clothes, so be careful when preparing.
  • Try substituting mangoes for peaches in a recipe.
  • It can be hard to peel a slightly soft mango using a vegetable peeler. To make it easier, slice a little off the top of the mango. This will give the peeler an edge to peel from.
  • If mangoes are on sale, buy a few, peel and cube the flesh, and freeze to use in smoothies.

What Does Mango Go Well With?

What Does Mango Go Well With?

Mangoes go well with banana. The combination of sweet and tart work so well together, especially in a smoothie. They also go well with jalapeños , coconut, cream, ginger, lemon and lime, red onions, orange, pineapple, pork, rum, and sugar.

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