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Land + Farmers + Chefs + People = #Soupstock

Attended #Soupstock at Toronto’s Woodbine Park.  Local Ontario producers donated 10,000 lbs of produce used by 200 chefs to make delicious soup, all to raise awareness about protecting the water and farmland.

Soupstock Corn Chowder

Tasted 9 out of the 85 soups (approx.) – wish I wasn’t full, there were so many more that I wanted to try. Favourite soup out of the 9 I tasted:  smoked jalapeno and smoked oyster corn chowder garnished with popcorn from Chef Deron Engbers.

Soupstock - perfectly cut veggies

Perfectly chopped and cooked vegetables, sign of a great chef.

Although there were TONS of people, it never felt crowded, and you never waited long for soup.  It was a VERY well organized and tasty event.

Soupstock - bring soup home for Zak

Bringing home a little soup for Zak.

Save the land that feeds us.