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Meatless Monday with Steven & Chris

Kary, Steven, and Chris hang out on set.

Last week I was on Steven & Chris, my home away from home. ¬†Cooking with those two is like cooking with your favourite brothers. ¬†They’re slightly evil, just like any¬†siblings are to each other. And they know exactly how to press my¬†buttons too! Despite the fun rivalry, we always have¬†a big laugh. ¬†Steven loves to bug me while I’m in makeup to tease about the questions he’s gonna ask during our segment to throw me off. ¬†Christopher waits until the cameras are rolling to tease me.

This past show we had a meatless Monday and cooked with meaty mushrooms (lots and lots of them).  We made a Mixed Mushroom Cobbler (think chicken pot pie, but with mushrooms instead of chicken and scones in place of pastry) & Mushroom Parmesan Sliders.

You can tell how tired we all are when we filmed this show (filmed just before Christmas), at one point I put my hands in my pockets and rested myself on the back counter totally forgetting that the cameras were rolling! ha.

(pssss……the video will take a second to load)

If you live in the US, I know the Live Well Network will play the episodes, I just don’t know when.