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Instant meat cutting board

Instant Meat Cutting Board

If you don’t have a large enough meat cutting board, place a smaller cutting board on top of a baking sheet. The baking sheet will catch all the yummy juices.

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What’s the Best Way to Thaw Frozen Meat?

The best and safest way to thaw frozen meat is in the refrigerator. Thaw frozen meat on a lipped plate (to prevent juices from leaking) in the fridge, and on the lowest shelf. How long does it take to thaw frozen meat in the fridge? Ground meat, stewing beef, steaks ...

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How to Properly Heat a Pan on an Electric Stove Top

5 Minutes before you are ready to sauté (cook and stir), heat a pan over the lowest heat possible. This method gradually and evenly heats the pan. Just before you’re ready to sauté, crank the heat to the needed temperature and start cooking. Heating a pan too quickly creates hot ...

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soupstock bring home soup for zak

Land + Farmers + Chefs + People = #Soupstock

Attended #Soupstock at Toronto’s Woodbine Park.  Local Ontario producers donated 10,000 lbs of produce used by 200 chefs to make delicious soup, all to raise awareness about protecting the water and farmland. Tasted 9 out of the 85 soups (approx.) – wish I wasn’t full, there were so many more ...

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