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3 Show Day

Studying between shows on a 3-show shoot day. 3 Show Day is published on 2012-02-17T23:11:12-05:00 and last modified: 2014-02-13T17:51:39-05:00 by Kary Osmond

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Can You Reuse Cooking Oil?

Since posting the breaded cauliflower recipe, I had a friend ask “Can you reuse cooking oil?” The answer is YES, but it needs to be filtered first to remove the brown bits of food – if you reuse the oil without removing the browned bits, they’ll burn the next time ...

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Cooking Tips

How to Soften Butter for Toast

How many times have you gone to spread butter on toast only to realize you’ve forgotten to refill the butter dish? I’ll admit it, I do it all the time. And it’s not because I’m lazy.  It’s usually because after the last bit of softened butter gets used, I toss ...

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Do you cook on an Electric stovetop

How to Properly Heat a Pan on an Electric Stove Top

5 Minutes before you are ready to sauté (cook and stir), heat a pan over the lowest heat possible. This method gradually and evenly heats the pan. Just before you’re ready to sauté, crank the heat to the needed temperature and start cooking. Heating a pan too quickly creates hot ...

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Food processor with radishes in the chamber

Save Time With Your Food Processor!

This is the time of year to put your food processor to work as an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Why spend minutes on chopping and grating when you can take only seconds?!? Especially if you’re cooking a feast! Dust Off Your Food Processor! The “S” Blade: The “s” blade ...

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Separating turkey juice from fat drippings

Use a Turkey Baster to Separate the Pan Drippings from the Fat

If you don’t have a gravy fat separator, use a turkey baster. Pour all the juices from the roasting pan into a measuring cup, and allow the juices and fat to separate (the fat will rise to the top). Then suck up the turkey drippings from the bottom of the ...

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Ask Kary

How do you Cook Hard-boiled Eggs without the Yolks Turning Greenish?

How do you Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs Without the Yolks Turning Greenish?

Hard-boiled (or hard-cooked) egg yolks will have a greenish outer layer if they are over-cooked. To avoid this, follow these steps: Kary Osmond Hard-boiled Eggs Cook Time: 15 minutes 1 Egg per serving IngredientsEggsInstructionsPlace eggs in a single layer in a pot. Gently cover eggs by 1 inch with cold ...

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Should you rinse pasta?

Should You Rinse Pasta?

The Answer: it depends.   Freshly cooked pasta that’s going to be used right away in a sauce SHOULD NOT be rinsed (e.g. spaghetti in a meat sauce).  Rinsing the pasta removes the starchy coating that helps the sauce stick to pasta. The purpose of rinsing pasta is to stop it ...

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How Do You Get Corn Off The Cob Without Making A Mess?

How Do You Get Corn Off The Cob Without Making A Mess?

Removing corn kernels off the cob can be messy, especially if you have a bunch of cobs to de-kernel.  The kernels tend to bounce, like tiny rubber balls, when they hit the cutting board. They can make a huge mess of your counter and kitchen floor. So, how do you get ...

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How to cool quinoa quickly

How to Quickly Cool Quinoa

Common Cooking Question: I love quinoa salads, but I’m never organized enough to cook quinoa ahead of time. Is there a way to quickly cool quinoa? Answer: Yes! Cook the quinoa, spread it on a plate, and place, uncovered, in the fridge for a few minutes. The thinner the quinoa is ...

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