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Pinecone Cheese Ball

Cheese ball covered with toasted almonds and crackers

Helpful Hints:
It’s important for the cheese mixture to rest in the fridge (at least for a few hours) so that the flavours to mix and mingle.

I like to form the pinecone (this idea came from my neighbour, Jim!) over a piece of parchment paper, that way I can move it around on the plate. Once I’m set on the placement, I trim the parchment paper.

This recipe can also be made into 2 smaller pine cones – 2 parties to go to , 2 appetizers!

It’s easier to blend the cheeses together in a food processor. But you can also stir the ingredients together by hand, just make sure your cream cheese and Gorgonzola cheese are at room temperature.

A dash of Worcestershire would taste great.

Once all the almonds are in, you can very gently press the cheese ball into your desired shape.

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