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Spanglish Sandwich

I Had to Make the Spanglish Sandwich for Breakfast

Last night at the pub, I got into a discussion with a friend about the Spanglish Sandwich.  If you’ve never seen the movie Spanglish, it’s a romantic comedy.  And at some point during the movie the most memorable breakfast sandwich is made – crisp lettuce and bacon, cheese, ripe tomato, mayo and an over-easy egg is sandwiched in-between a toasted bun.  When the sandwich is cut open the soft yolk oozes out and runs onto the plate – ready to be dipped into.

Here’s a recipe for the Spanglish Sandwich.

Spanglish Breakfast Sandwich

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  1. Sometimes when I cannot sleep I watch you at 4:30 am! I made your cabbage stir fry yesterday. My grandkids (high school) love your Salisbury steak recipe. Love your program, and wish it was on during the day here.