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Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Taco trying to spot a fish.

At some point every summer I close my computer and walk away from social media to embrace all the things the great weather brings.  Summer is too short in Canada to let it pass you by.  If you can, you must take full advantage of it.


I just got back from my Summer Vacay 2014. Looking back, we did a lot in a short time.  Lots of road trips, live music, tractor rides, fishing, cottaging, and there was no shortage of cooking and delicious food (I started back at the gym today!).  I even squeezed in a Breakfast Television cooking lesson with Dina before hitting the road for one of many road trips.



The part of summer I look forward to most is summer concert season. I love when the music is so loud you can feel it (just a guess, but it’s probably why I’m practically deaf!). Loud music makes you wanna get up and dance, dance, dance!


The first concert to kick off our summer vacay was Beck at Sony Centre. He was the liveliest I’ve ever seen him. He laughed, danced, joked, and sounded spot on – just having a great time.

The second show we saw was NIN & Soundgarden – in the pouring rain. It was the show that reminded me to dress for the night, and not the day. Lesson learned. Did I mention it poured for what felt like forever?!?! Didn’t bother us a bit though, we brushed the water off our shoulders and danced and laughed to stay warm.  My friends and I ALWAYS have a ton of fun in the rain.

Summer 2014

Jenn and I dancing in the rain to NIN and Soundgarden


The third show we saw was actually a festival.  Osheaga – A 3-day fun filled music festival in Montreal at Parc Jacques Drapeau.  Super cool experience.


The festival was perfect in every way. 10 out of 10 for fun, music, food, flow, and safety. Montreal City Police, Osheaga Security, and the paramedics that worked the festival and city streets did an outstanding job. They were there to let you have your fun (what ever kind that may be), they just made sure you stayed safe doing so. Amazing.


Zak and I couldn’t believe the service with a smile you got for 3 days straight – from everyone.  There was always delicious food options, tasty beverages, and heart pounding music at your fingertips.


Summer 2014

The minute you walked into the festival you were greeted with icy cold beverages!

Summer 2014

Calm before the storm of fun!

Some of the shows we rocked out to:

(each is linked to raw footage of the concert shot by others)


Summer 2014

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – what a trip!

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

We ate poutine everyday.  How could you not?

Summer 2014

Beer delivery and a drone! (hint: look above the hill)

Summer 2014

Fun menus


This festival had everything (Toronto, listen up!). Wicked sound. They didn’t gouge on prices. There were phone charging stations EVERYWHERE. Great layout, that always flowed to keep you moving – if flow was there objective, they achieved it.  Chill zones when you needed to take a break from the sun. Misters to cool you down. Mini convenient stores that had everything from deodorant to chips (smart marketers wanting product placement obviously organized this event- well done). Art in the park – you could partake or just watch (wish I took pictures to share the super cook paintings being painted). Lockers – great place to store concert merchandise, sun block, and rain ponchos. Endless supplies of poutine. Fresh fruit in a cup.


Summer 2014

Anyone for a blueberry? If you don’t like blueberries you had a rainbow of fruit to choose from –  strawberries, cherries, melon, pineapple, or watermelon. What more could a girl ask for.


Summer 2014

And, perfect sunsets every night.


The end of our summer 2014 vacay was spent chilling, swimming, playing games, and fishing up north at our family cottages. It was the perfect way to celebrate Zak’s birthday after a week of craziness.


Summer 2014

Happy Birthday to the guy who’s always willing to take the fish off the hook for me :)

Glad to be home, refreshed, and inspired to get cooking!

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been up too this summer,



PS.  If you’re ever looking for a really fun hotel, that’s small, and with lots of character, then check out The Celebrities Hotel in Montreal.  So attractively unusual with tons of charisma.  Walking distance to everything, even your room (no elevators :). 


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