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Savoury Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf Side Dish

Savoury Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf Side Dish

I love International grocery stores, they often have a huge variety of fresh produce and exotic ingredients, usually sold at AMAZING prices. It’s also a fantastic place to grab BIG bags of dried mushrooms, which are needed for this savoury ...

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Vegetable Shepperds Pie

Plant-Based Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

A Shepherd’s pie is a warm and cozy comfort food traditionally made with lamb or beef.  My version of a shepherd’s pie is plant-based, made with a can of lentils and veggie ground (plant-based version of ground beef).  And although ...

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My Favourie Plant Based Paella Recipe Kary Osmond

My Favourite Plant-Based Paella Recipe

Paella is a classic Spanish rice dish, made using short grain white rice that’s simmered together with veggies, wine, stock, spices, and proteins. Most paella’s are flavoured with meat or fish or a combination.  My favourite paella recipe is made ...

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Medlody Bean Quinoa Salad

How to Make a Mixed Bean and Quinoa Salad

A can of mixed beans (sometimes called 6 bean medley)  in your cupboard is the first step in making a high fibre nutritionally dense salad. To stretch out the can and feed more mouths, add some cooked quinoa, a variety ...

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Chewy Banana Bomb Cookies Kary Osmond

Chewy Banana Bomb Cookies

How often do you have a few bananas on your countertop that are too ripe for snacking, or too many bananas in your freezer for smoothies? Well, here’s an option: Make chewy banana bomb cookies. The inspiration for this recipe ...

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Thai Carrot Soup Kary Osmond

Thai Carrot Soup

Blended soups are perfect when it’s cold outside. And I especially love soups with a hint of spice to tickle the throat. Not only is this Thai carrot soup simple to make, but it also freezes well, kids love it, ...

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Banana Split Overnight Oats Kary Osmond

Banana Split Overnight Oats

Have you tried overnight oats?  I AM obsessed. It’s become my breakfast staple – the flavour combinations are endless making it impossible to get bored with. My favourite thing about them – you wake up, and breakfast is done – ...

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IMG 0207

Aloo Gobi

I love aloo gobi. It’s a potato (aloo) cauliflower (gobi) curry that’s super flavourful.  Even though there are quite a few ingredients, it’s actually really quick and easy to make – just get everything prepped while the potatoes are cooking. ...

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