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Top 5: Chili Recipes

Which team is taking the Grey Cup (Canada’s biggest football game) this year? Saskatchewan Roughriders or the Hamilton Ticats? [EDIT: The Roughriders won 45 – 23] Did you know that this is the 101st Grey Cup game? Check out the official CFL Twitter feed here.

If you’re looking for a good chili recipe for this weekend, here are my top 5:

1. Alton Brown’s Chili Con Carne

This chili from Alton Brown is made with chunks of beef and pork which are cooked until fork tender.

2. Slow-cooker ground Beef chili

Try making this chili in your slow cooker – set it and forget it!  You can also use a slow-cooker to keep your chili warm on the buffet table.

3. Vegetarian Chili with Bulgur

Vegetarian chili is easy and quick to make.  It makes a simple weeknight dinner or Grey Cup chili.  The bulgur in this recipe thickens the chili and makes it super filling.

4. Simple turkey chili

If you’re watching your waist line, try making a chili with turkey rather than ground beef.

5. Chunky Chili Cornbread Cobbler with Bonus Video!

I made this recipe on Best Recipes Ever, it used left over roast beef and is topped with cheesy cornbread.  If you want to learn how to make it, watch the video.


One of the great things about chili is that it can be prepared almost any way you like. After the chill has been made, there are still a lot of ways for everyone to make it their own; try putting out toppings like: crushed corn tortilla chips, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, green onions, bacon, corn, shredded iceberg lettuce, cilantro, or pickled jalapeños!

If time permits, chili is best served the day after you make it.  Making chili, cooling it in the fridge overnight, and then reheating it the next day allows the chili to thicken and the flavours to mix and mingle, giving you a thicker and more flavourful chili the next day.

Vegetarian Chili with bulgur

Be sure to try some of my other recipes for your Grey Cup football party, like this one for Basic Baked Chicken Wings or this one for a pitcher of caesar mix!