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  1. Hi Terry, thanks for the question. I don’t believe there are DVD’s yet. However, you can watch reruns on my site. Follow this link to the videos: http://karyosmond.com/video/

  2. Can I purchase your videos from Best Recipes Ever ? I was able to use them while you were on T.V. but no longer have any access to those old recipes. Watched you daily on T.V. Thank You, Terry.

  3. Hey Barbara, here’s the link: http://karyosmond.com/category/recipes/
    The link to my recipe is next the home button (under my Kary Osmond logo).

  4. where are your receipies?

  5. Hi Kary
    Thanks you so much for giving us a link to “Best Recipes Ever”! I loved it when you were on and I have been following your produce website. You always give the best tips and make cooking fun! I hope that you will be doing lots more television (and/or videos) in the future! You always sparkle!
    Carey Morrison

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