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What are Your Must-Have Herbs and Spices?

Herbs and spices are a pantry necessity, they add fragrance and flavour to so many dishes! I am regularly asked what my must have herbs and spices are.

Here they are:

Bay leaves: use in stews, chillis and curries.

Black pepper: salt’s partner.

Cayenne powder: hot, hot, hot.

Chilli powder: a blend of chilli pepper, spices and seasonings. Experiment with different types of chilli powder – chipotle, ancho, etc.

Cinnamon sticks: use in savory and sweet dishes.

Cumin: seed or ground – I prefer seed.

Coriander: adds a floral orange scent.

Curry powder: mild, medium or hot, adds instant curry flavour.

Garlic powder: dissolves well in marinades, distributing an even garlic flavour.

Italian seasoning: a blend of sweet herbs – oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary and basil.

Steak seasoning: tasty rimmer for a Ceasar drink, and a great all-purpose spice for the grill.

Nutmeg seed: a must have for creamy pasta sauces and desserts.

Oregano: loves tomatoes.

Paprika: made from ground, dried red peppers. Can be sweet, smoky, or spicy – my favourite is sweet.

Red pepper flakes: adds heat to all sorts of dishes.

Rosemary: loves meat.

Thyme: best friends with mushrooms and onions.