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White Wine Substitute

Some people keep a healthy supply of white wine on hand; ready to be opened at a moments notice, whether it’s for casual sipping, pairing with a meal, or adding to a recipe for a touch of flavour and acidity. Some of us buy it one bottle at time, usually to be enjoyed right away and some of us don’t drink at all, so it’s never on hand.

When you have white wine on hand you can add a splash to a dish when you need it. But, when you don’t have a leftover bottle in the fridge or plenty in stock, adding a ¼ cup here and there can be difficult – and ¼ cup isn’t a good enough reason to run to the store to grab a bottle.

What Can You Use As A White Wine Substitute?

Here’s what you can do instead. Use Vermouth. Vermouth isn’t just for martinis! It can be used in cooking, too. Dry Vermouth is an apéritif wine that has been fortified and infused with herbs, spices, and fruits. “Fortified” means the alcohol percentage of the wine has been raised through the addition of spirits.

Bottle of Dry Vermouth


Depending on the brand you buy, you can find dry vermouth that’s cheaper than wine!  Just make sure you’re grabbing the dry vermouth and not the sweet.

Just like wine, when vermouth is opened it will start to lessen in flavour at room temperature. But, if you open a new bottle, keep it tightly capped in the fridge, it will last for months, making it the perfect bottle to keep in the fridge for dishes that require a splash of white wine.

Because vermouth has a higher alcohol content (13-24%) than white wine (10-14%) you’ll want to use a little less than a recipe calls for.

Now, if you don’t want to use vermouth, chicken stock and lemon juice mixed together also makes a great substitute for white wine in a recipe.